Winter Services

Snow Removal & De-icing
For Commercial and Residential

De-icing Services

We provide a comprehensive snow and de-icing program, offering the following services:

  • Continuous 24/7 operation during all weather events, with proactive monitoring of storms well in advance and minute-by-minute updates throughout.
  • Pre-storm, in-storm, and post-storm communication conducted by our dedicated account teams with both our team members and customers.
  • Ensuring a perfect match between service partners and sites to guarantee sufficient equipment capabilities.
  • Leveraging our robust third-party weather monitoring partner to deliver accurate snow forecasts and totals.
  • Pre-storm preparation, including the staging of products and equipment.
  • Accurate validation of all services and charges, ensuring precise customer billing.
  • Utilization of our mobile application for validating all performed services, offering geo-coded on-site arrivals and the option to capture before and after photos.


Salt brine proves to be a highly efficient liquid solution for combating snow and ice on various surfaces such as roadways, parking lots, and walkways. Produced in tanks where precise amounts of rock salt and water circulate until the salt concentration reaches a specific level, this solution is then transferred to holding tanks for future use. Additional elements like calcium or magnesium may be incorporated to tailor the solution for specific temperature ranges during storms, enhancing its effectiveness.

Many opt for salt brine as a preemptive measure for snow removal, treating surfaces ahead of anticipated wintry conditions. When applied prior to a winter storm, salt brine immediately begins its action upon the first snowflake, effectively delaying the accumulation of snow and ice on pavement. Unlike granular salt, which requires moisture for the chemical reaction to commence and melting to initiate, salt brine kickstarts this process without delay. This ensures a faster response to inclement weather conditions, providing proactive protection against hazardous road conditions.

Salt Brine Application


One significant advantage of Salt Brine is its capability to be applied up to 48 hours before a storm hits. This offers considerable peace of mind, knowing that your property is treated and ready for any impending weather event. With numerous potential challenges that can arise before a snowstorm—such as forecast fluctuations, equipment malfunctions, and traffic disruptions—having your property pretreated provides a reassuring buffer against these unpredictable factors.

Despite the numerous benefits of Salt Brine, there are specific weather conditions where its application is not recommended. Contractors should diligently monitor weather forecasts and pavement temperatures to accurately determine the optimal times for applying Brine to roads or parking lots. This proactive approach ensures effective snow and ice management while mitigating any potential risks associated with adverse weather conditions.


  • If snow/ice has already bonded to the pavement
  • Painted surfaces and crosswalks
  • In extreme cold
  • If the storm begins as rain
  • Pavement temperatures are above freezing


Salt brine is administered using purpose-built trucks equipped with holding tanks and spray bars. These spray bars distribute multiple streams of brine onto the roads. Additionally, sidewalk units are available for spraying brine, utilizing either hand-held wands or powered spray units. These units offer flexibility, allowing applicators to adjust the amount of material applied based on prevailing or anticipated conditions.


The application of salt to roads and paved surfaces significantly affects our environment. Salt tends to migrate into lakes and streams, posing a threat to aquatic life and ecosystems. Moreover, it can cause significant damage to landscape plant materials. Salt corrosion is a major contributor to the deterioration of roads and bridges, particularly in colder climates. However, brine applications offer a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. Using only a quarter of the salt required for traditional applications, brine is directly applied to surfaces, minimizing scatter and preventing unintended environmental impact.


  • Anti-icing enables quicker and cleaner cleaning of road surfaces, leading to fewer accidents and delays.
  • Utilizing Liquid Brine for snow removal initiates the melting process faster compared to rock salt.
  • Brine road treatment prevents bouncing or blowing off the road, which can impact other areas or waste product.
  • If the storm is delayed, the Brine remains ready for when the storm begins.
  • The application of salt is significantly reduced on walkways and roadways.


The limited adoption of liquid Salt Brine primarily stems from the substantial initial investment required for equipment and training. Since most customers pay for de-icing services per application, contractors lack the incentive to transition to this method.


  • Liabilities: Slip and fall claims related to winter service account for more lawsuits than any other, except auto.
  • Contractors will over salt to protect themselves from litigation
  • Equipment to start up Salt Brine operation is expensive

De-Icing Truck with SnowSalt brine plays a vital role in ShoreLogic Management Services’ complete suite of snow and ice management solutions. With our teams ready round the clock, we’re equipped to tackle the distinct challenges posed by winter. We remain vigilant about weather updates and forecasts, guaranteeing preparedness to safeguard your property during storms or precipitation. Reach out to us today if you’re interested in discussing winter property management options.

Snow Plowing Services

Addressing Snow Accumulation

Winter weather often leads to snow accumulation on various parts of your property, including walkways, driveways, decks, and parking lots. This accumulation can create hazardous conditions and limit access to your property, posing risks to safety.

Our Snow Clearing Services

Our dedicated crews meticulously monitor weather conditions to ensure prompt and effective snow removal from your property. We utilize a range of specialized equipment to clear snow efficiently, including:

  • Trucks with plows and bed spreaders
  • Skid Steers
  • Loaders

Initial Evaluation

Upon signing up for our snow clearing service, we conduct an initial evaluation to determine the best approach for clearing snow from your property. This includes mapping out areas where snow will be placed to avoid blocking driveways, walkways, and doorways, thus ensuring safe access for customers and employees.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

We prioritize safety by considering both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on your property. Our evaluation extends to exterior areas such as decks and patios, where we ensure the following measures are taken:

  • Keeping entrances, walking paths, and common areas clear of snow
  • Prompt removal of snow accumulation in high-traffic areas
  • Placing snow away from high-traffic zones to maintain accessibility in cold weather conditions

With our comprehensive snow clearing services, you can rest assured that your property will remain safe and accessible even during harsh winter conditions.

De-Icing/Ice Melt

Preventing Hazards from Ice Accumulation

During cold weather, ice can quickly accumulate on various surfaces such as walkways, handicap ramps, driveways, decks, patios, and steps, posing a significant risk of injury due to slips and falls.

Proactive Approach to Ice Management

Our crews proactively monitor weather conditions to apply anti-icing chemicals before, during, and after winter storms. This prevents ice from bonding with surfaces, ensuring safe access for everyone.

Initial Evaluation for Effective Service

Before precipitation arrives, we conduct an initial evaluation of your property to identify areas prone to ice accumulation. This proactive approach ensures the safety of your family, friends, and guests.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

We prioritize the safety of your property by keeping entrances, walking paths, steps, common areas, driveways, parking areas, and driving lanes clear of ice. Prompt removal of ice helps maintain accessibility during cold weather.

Anti-Icing vs De-Icing Methods

Anti-Icing: Applied as a preventive measure, anti-icing treatments help prevent ice accumulation in treated areas. We apply this treatment up to 48 hours in advance of a storm based on weather conditions and forecasts.

De-Icing: Utilizing calcium, potassium, and magnesium chloride, our de-icing method effectively melts snow and ice at lower temperatures than rock salt. We carefully monitor usage to avoid overapplication, ensuring safety without excess.

Safe and Effective Ice Removal

Our de-icing applications safely clear away any remaining ice, mainly applied as a melting treatment following snow or ice accumulation. We also offer pet-friendly products for both anti-icing and de-icing applications, applied using various spreader methods for different area sizes.

Snow Shoveling & Snow Blowers

The Snow Clearing Process

At [Company Name], we understand the importance of effectively clearing snow from high traffic areas around your home. Our process involves utilizing a combination of shovels and snow blowers to ensure thorough removal while minimizing damage to surrounding trees, plants, and surfaces such as brick, pavers, stamped concrete, and natural stone.

Careful Removal

We take special care during the snow removal process to avoid damaging your property’s landscape and infrastructure. By conducting an initial assessment, we strategically place snow in predetermined areas away from vehicles, pedestrian walkways, and other high traffic zones. This not only expedites the snow clearing process but also prevents snow piles from obstructing access to utilities, fire hydrants, or vehicles.

Consideration for Property Infrastructure

In addition to avoiding damage to landscape features, we also take steps to preserve the functionality of your property’s infrastructure. We ensure that snow does not cover exhaust vents, allowing them to continue operating properly. Likewise, we clear drains to facilitate adequate drainage as snow begins to melt. Moreover, we clear snow from house numbers to keep them visible from the street, aiding emergency vehicles in locating your property if needed.

Proactive Snow Clearing Service

Our snow clearing service begins promptly upon signing up with our service. We meticulously plan where snow will be placed to prevent blockage of driveways, walkways, and doorways, ensuring the safety of your customers or employees. Additionally, we create a map of areas where snow will be deposited during plowing, prioritizing accessibility and safety.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

To uphold a safe environment on your property, we take into account both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Our team diligently keeps entrances, walking paths, common areas, and driving lanes clear of snow. Prompt removal of snow accumulation in high traffic areas is a priority, and we ensure that snow is placed away from these zones to maintain accessibility, even in cold weather conditions.

Equipment and Production Staging

Mastering the Timing: Precision in Bulk Salt Ordering

Setting the Stage for Success

In the intricate dance of winter operations, timing is everything. Just as a symphony relies on the conductor’s precise timing for harmony, so too does the success of our winter endeavors depend on strategic planning. Ordering bulk salt ahead of time is akin to orchestrating the perfect note, ensuring that we are well-prepared when winter’s curtain rises.

Strategy Meets Success: The Symphony Unveiled

Conducting a Symphony of Winter Preparedness

Within the realm of snow contracting, strategic bulk salt ordering serves as the conductor’s baton, guiding a symphony of winter readiness. By ordering ahead, we ensure a seamless transition, preventing disruptions and supply shortages. Precise calculations empower resource optimization while maintaining safe and accessible environments.

Unlimited Convenience: Pick Up and Delivery

Imagine the convenience of having equipment and bulk salt supply readily available on your larger sites. With access at any hour of the day or night during a storm, we ensure successful service, reducing execution time, service delays, and safety hazards amidst harsh winter conditions.

The Process of Product and Equipment Staging Before Winter Event Occurs

Our team meticulously evaluates the last three years of storms in your area to tailor a proposal. Based on this analysis, we calculate the required production and equipment needed to tackle anticipated snowfall. Once approved, we deliver the necessary products and equipment to your specified site and staging location.