Sweep & Portering

Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Sweeping and Portering Services

Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Maintaining the beauty of an organization’s exterior appearance not only draws new customers and tenants, but keeps existing occupants pleased. It presents a clear message that the office building, warehouse, or retail center is a premiere, professional business.

Our sweepers cleans litter, dirt, and rubbish from your property using state-of-the-art sweeping equipment mounted on customized trucks. Our trucks can blow litter off sidewalks and blow behind wheel stops plus other hard to reach areas. Sweepings are vacuumed up and transferred to large roll-off containers that are disposed of in licensed landfills.

Other Sweeper services include:

  • Sweep of curb-lines, corners and other areas where trash tends to accumulate
  • “Patrol” sweep open parking lots and driveways, picking up trash where it has fallen
  • Sidewalk cleaning with our SideKick turbine blower or, if necessary, by hand
  • Manual corner touch-ups with a hand blower or broom and dustpan

Our crews work around the clock, but most commercial sweeping is performed after business hours.

Routine Power Sweeping

Regularly scheduled power sweeping is an essential part of a successful pavement maintenance plan by systematically removing loose debris, trash, and other undesirable materials accumulating on your property. A clean parking lot delivers a positive image, avoids an impression of neglect, and increases the value and life of your investment.


Our parking lot sweeping service is designed to serve your needs. We can customize our service to the scope of work that meets your budget and quality needs.

  • GPS monitored sweepers
  • Extensive training
  • Vandalism Illegal dumping reports
  • 1 to 2 operators per vehicle
  • Regular quality control inspection
  • Site inspection with email notification for liability issues.
Sweeping and Portering Services
Portering Service

Portering Services

​With our highly trained staff you can rest easy at night knowing that Porters can perform such detailed cleaning tasks. Porters are often the unknown heroes in an institution. These highly trained members clean and maintain the image of your site and work to ensure that customers, employers, and employees are pleased. As a site supervisor, your day porter can be an incredible asset and maintain your facility clean and in good condition by ticking off tasks that can quickly fill up your “to-do” list if not done on time. A day porter staff operates as a day house cleaner with benefits. as picking up cigarette butts and litter from hard surface areas, large parking lot, sidewalks, loading docks and landscape areas.

Our Porter Service is a great stand-alone service and an even better value in conjunction with sweeping. As with our portering Service, we will inspect the site for potential liability situations and take corrective action to prevent an “event”. We will check for vandalism and vagrancy, illegal dumping, and alert you immediately.


Our Porter Service is designed keeping your properties clean. We can customize this service to your needs. Call us today to create a cleaning package to suit your needs.

Parking Lot Porter Services:

  • Change trash liners and wipe lids
  • Spot pick trash
  • Clean or pressure wash sidewalk spills
  • Hand-pick the lot and planters
  • Site Inspection
  • Pick up litter from under hedges, shrubs and turf areas